Stoplight Alarm Clock for Kids and Toddlers
Time to wake up
Is it time to get up yet?  

This is a question frequently heard by parents of toddlers in the middle of the night.

Now, thanks to the new Stoplight Alarm Clock, parents will be able to empower their kids to answer their own question of “is it time to get up.” At a young age, toddlers know their colors and understand that red means stop and green means go.

Toy guru, Jim Silver promotes the Stoplight Clock on his show, 'Time to Play'
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The Stoplight Alarm Clock features red and green lights that can be easily set by parents. When the red light is on, kids will understand that it is still time to sleep. When the green light turns on, kids will know that it is time to get out of bed.

A digital clock and optional beeping alarm function are also included as well as a nightlight feature that can be used separately.


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The Stoplight Clock takes advantage of teaching methods that have been used as behavior modification in classrooms for years. In fact, Stoplight systems are currently used in schools nationwide for behavior modification. According to teachers, “the use of the lights makes it appear that the lights are requesting the action instead of the teacher.” This translates into a similar response for parents – wake-up time is being set by the clock, not the parent.

According to pediatrician, Dr. Jennifer Ringel, “parents ask me on a daily basis how to get their kids to stay in bed all night. I am so happy I finally have a product like the Stoplight Clock to recommend to my patients.”


Anatevka from FL

The best invention ever; my 2-year-old son used to wake up at 6:00am, now he waits quietly until 7:30am for the green light!

This product is amazing!!!
Seth's mom from OH

My husband and I were exhausted because our son constantly would wake us up to ask "is it time to get up?" We bought this clock hoping it would help him stay in bed and it WORKED!! We couldn't believe how proud he was when he stayed in bed until the light turned green. This product is a huge blessing to me and my husband and it looks adorable in his room too.

Love it
V. from MI

My son is almost 4 and had trouble understanding when it was time to get up. since it is dark until 730/8 during the winter months telling him to wait until he sees the sun no longer worked. he was getting up 3 or 4 times a night not sure if it was wake up time or not..the first night with this light and every night since he has stayed in bed when the light is red for bed and gets up when it turns green for go...i highly recommend this product to parents out there who need the sleep and to teach there kids self discipline..great learning tool..

Wonderful product!
Mom of Tristan and Piper from MI

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
This product has been great at keeping my son in bed after 5:00 am! He has always been an early riser now he says, "Red light turns green I get out of bed" (he is two years old). So it has definitely worked for our family after a few days of training him :) Only downside was I was under the impression the bear part was a night light and that is incorrect. The night light is the yellow light in the stoplight.

Best purchase ever!
Tired Mommy from SC

My three year old has always been an early riser. We've tried nightlights on timers and clocks to help her stay in bed longer but nothing has worked. She is very interested in stoplights right now so I decided to give this clock a try. I LOVE it. The clock stays red until it is time for her to get up and then it turns green. For the last few weeks she has been staying in her room until she sees the green light. She is very proud of herself and very excited to show us the green light. The teddy bear doesn't really go with her room decor, but the extra 45 min of sleep every day make it worth it. I love this product!!

Absolutely recommended!
Finally getting uninterrupted sleep from MA

This clock worked for our 3yr old from the first morning! She totally gets the red light/green light and has stopped coming into our room in the middle of the night wondering if it is morning time!

Great Clock - All Parents Should Own it!
By Greggmart from CA

This clock is a must for all parents! It allows the parents to get uninterrupted sleep by teaching the children when it is acceptable to wake up "Mom and Dad". As the children can not read numbers or tell time yet, they can easily understand that the red light means stay in your room and play until the green light comes on (set to anytime that is acceptable as a parent) and the child will then know it is ok to wake up mom and dad. No more 4 a.m. wake ups from a confused child! I gave this gift to my sisters who both have children in the age group that is unable to tell time, and they love it! Great as a gift for anyone with a young child.

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